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Counseling Corner

  Hello and welcome to the Riverside High School Counseling Center!

We are happy to help guide and assist our students in their journey through high school and beyond. We aim to support our students in their academics, their college and career endeavors and with any social-emotional challenges they may face. The transition into young adulthood is exciting and sometimes intimidating. We are here to help wherever our students may be in their personal journey.

Jeanne Powers

Counselor for 9th and 11th Grades

WDFY & Senior Class Advisor
Foreign Exchange Student Counselor

Bethany Fink

Counselor for 10th and 12th Grades

Section 504 Coordinator
ISP High School Counselor

Upcoming Events

ACT Testing

Test Dec 9 / Register by Nov 3

Test Feb 10 / Register by Jan 10

Test April 14 / Register by March 9

Register @ 

Test Fees*

- ACT                             $46

- ACT with Writing      $62.50

*If you cannot afford the test fee, ask your counselor about requesting a fee waiver

SAT Testing

Test Nov 4 / Register by Oct 5

Test Dec 2 / Register by Nov 2

Test March 10 / Register by Feb 9

Test May 5 / Register by April 6

Test June 2 / Register by May 3

Register @

Test Fees*

- SAT                              $46

- SAT with Essay          $60

- SAT Subject Tests     Varies

*If you cannot afford the test fee, ask your counselor about requesting a fee waiver

For more information please go to the Counseling Center

Graduation Requirements

SENIORS - Class of 2018

21.5 Credits Required to Graduate

Pass Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) on English Language Arts and Mathematics - or the End Of Course (EOC) Mathematics Exam

Juniors - Class of 2019

Sophomores - Class of 2020

24 Credits Required to Graduate for Classes of 2019 and Beyond

Pass Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) on English Language Arts and Mathematics

Freshman - Class of 2021

24 Credits Required to Graduate

Pass Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) on English Language Arts and Mathematics

Pass the WA Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) 

All RHS Students

30 hours of Community Service

Complete the High School and Beyond Plan

Social-Emotional Supports

Spokane County Crisis Intervention and Community Information Services


First Call For Help 



Toll Free 1-877-678-4428

Community Service & 

Volunteer Opportunities

As a student at RHS you MUST complete 30 hours of community service in order to graduate. These hours need to be independently logged by yourself and turned in to your school counselor before the start of your last quarter senior year.

If you transfer to RHS as a Junior you are required 10 community service hours.

Helping run school related activities outside of the normal school day can be considered community service (i.e. Helping with ASB/Leadership related activities such as the Thanksgiving Dinner).

  • Help make our community a better place
  • Create a sense of unity and care
  • Can influence your future career choices
  • Good experience you can refer to when trying to get a job or write college admissions essays.
Need a Community Service Form?
Need ideas of where to volunteer? Search using these websites:

College and Career

Scholarship List

For a list of possible opportunities for scholarships

Connect your interests with career possibilities.

Ready Set Grad

For students 6th - college & parents. What you need to know & do to go to college.

For college and career exploration, financial aid info, and college application tips

College Board

For more info on PSAT, SAT, ACT, & AP Testing

SAT prep course as well as support in many subjects and grade levels - all FREE!
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