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Forms for Parents & Guardians

The following are forms that may be of interest or need for parents and guardians of Riverside students. All forms are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader to view or print them.
If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact the district office at 509-464-8201.

Sign Up for TEXT Alerts

SchoolMessenger is a service that allows us to deliver important information to parents and staff via text messaging. This service is intended to enhance our existing means of communication (e-mail and phone calls).

Instructions for Parents

Log onto Skyward
Click on Skylert and wait for Skyward to connect to the notification system.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter in the mobile numbers where you would like to receive texts.

Instructions for Employees

Please contact IT with the mobile number where you would like to receive texts.

Click below for more information:

The FCC has very strict rules for unsolicited phone calls.  This is in direct response to telemarketers calling our homes and interrupting dinner.  While these rules affect telemarketers, they also apply to all public school districts across the US.  The rules are long and complicated, but they boil down to these two facts:
  • We are allowed by the FCC to call you using our automated system in the case of a school emergency such as a fire, school shooting, school closure, or an unexcused absence.  An emergency is defined by the FCC as any situation affecting health and safety.  The FCC does not require us to ask your permission and we only exclude your phone number if you ask.
  • The FCC does NOT allow us to use our automated calling system for general announcements such as notifications, band concerts, sporting events, etc. UNLESS YOU OPT IN.  Our practice is that we direct you to Skyward to opt in so that only the correct phone numbers are called.
The fines for violating the FCC rules are high and could result in a penalty if we call a number for a non emergency.
To update your contact information and opt in to receive general notifications, simply log into Skyward as you would to check your child’s grades, attendance, or food service account. 
Instructions for parents:
Log onto Skyward
Click on Skylert and wait for Skyward to connect to the notification system.
Select the check-boxes where you would like to receive notifications.
Instructions for staff:
If you do not have a child enrolled in the district you will need to use the SchoolMessenger website at Click on Sign Up, enter in your Riverside email address ([email protected]) and choose a password. You will then receive a confirmation email to verify that everything is correct. Use this new login information to log into SchoolMessenger to verify your contact information and to opt-in to general notifications. Contact IT if you need to update your contact information.

Common Questions
I am a parent; how do I sign up?
All parent and guardian phone numbers are automatically populated from the information you used to register your child for school.  However, you will need to choose which numbers we use to contact you for general messages, attendance, etc.
My contact info is out of date. How do I update it?
To update your Skyward contact information, simply correct the phone number(s) on the screen. This will update the notification system and Skyward at the same time.  You do not need to contact the school unless you need assistance.
I have misplaced my Skyward login information. How do I retrieve it?
To retrieve your Skyward login info, please call the secretary of your child’s school:
RHS:       464.8550
RMS:      464.8450
RES:       464.8350
CES:       464.8250
ISP:        464.8478
I am a community member without students in Riverside schools and am receiving calls. I would like them to stop.
Our apologies for this inconvenience.  Likely, we have a student with an incorrect phone number which needs to be updated in our system. Please call the district office at 464.8201 and we will remove you from the system.