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Class Fees

over 4 years ago

Band Fee:  $30.00/year

Jazz Band Fee:  $30.00/year

Band Cleaning Fee: $15.00/year

ASB:  $30.00/year

Choir Fee:   $30.00/year

Choir Uniform Fee:  $15.00/year

ASB: $30.00/year

Drama Fee: $20.00/year

ASB: $30.00/year

Digital Photography :  $10.00/semester

Chemistry Fee:   $5.00/year

Physics Fee:  $5.00/year

Human Body Systems Fee: $10.00/year

Medical Interventions Fee: $10.00/year

Intro to Woods Fee:   $10.00/semester*

Advanced Woods Fee: $10.00/semester*

Power Equipment Tech Fee:   $10.00/semester

Power Sports Fee:  $20.00/year

Welding Fee:   $10.00/semester*

Simple Cravings Deli & Gifts (Food Handler's Permit):    $10.00 (If student does not already have one)
*Student pay the cost of materials for special projects taken home.


over 4 years ago

Student ASB (Required for Sports, Band, Choir and Drama):  $30.00
Sports Fee (Required for first and second sport played):  $30.00 each

Yearbook:  $50.00 before September 30th

Yearbook:  $60.00 after September 30th

Honor Society:  $15.00/yearly

FCCLA Membership:  $20.00/yearly

Skills USA Membership:  $16.00/yearly