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Welcome to Riverside High School
Welcome to Riverside High School.
It’s not the brick and mortar that makes Riverside High School the best in the state. It’s the students, staff, and community working together that makes Riverside what it is.

Each year I look forward to outstanding students who fill our hallways with fun and laughter. I get excited when I see their accomplishments as they fill our classrooms with academic achievements and the success that can be felt when they meet the expectations of a rigorous curriculum taught by capable teachers and support staff.

Outstanding schools are governed by a few good rules with members of the school and community working together to educate students. We offer an outstanding, comprehensive academic program with multiple Advanced Placement courses along with amazing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) courses. We offer courses that allow students access to college credit without ever leaving our campus. We also offer an extra-curricular program with a wide variety of athletics and activities that are designed to enhance the school experience for everybody.

Please join us, be involved, and help us make the best educational experience the state of Washington has to offer.

John McCoy
Principal's Weekly Message
November 17, 2017

From the History Department:

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621. This feast lasted three days, and - as accounted by attendee Edward Winslow – it was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims.

That’s all for now!

Best wishes,

John McCoy

The mission of RHS is to provide a safe, nurturing environment encouraging all students to develop their full potential and become independent thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens who contribute to the betterment of the world through curricular, co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities.
Riverside High School Rotary Student of the Month
Riverside High School Rotary Student of the Month
Ethan Spencer is our November Student of the Month.

Ethan is a 12 year senior at Riverside High School. He has a 3.495 grade point average. Ethan is currently taking Physics, Calculus, Engineering and AP English.

Ethan is a varsity football, and basketball player. He is also runs varsity track.

Ethan would like to attend the University of Washington or the University of Idaho where he would like to pursue a career in engineering. When Ethan is not in school, he enjoys sports, spending time with his family and friends, and hanging out with his dogs, Allie and Lucy. Congratulations, Ethan!